Ghetto Gaggers Starring Rudy Rudy Destroyed On Ghetto Gaggers
The Ghetto Gaggers Rudy Video

The Ghetto Gaggers Rudy Video

You know the Women's Professional Basketball League must be hurting when their star Center is here hurling on some white dicks. Rudy is a mixture of some Ugandan giants DNA and a Ghetto Raggedy Ann doll. Hailing in at 6'5" I have no envy for the suburban boys today. This is one big biatch. The good things about her: her mouth was so big you hit nothing but net (throat). Also some big ass triple E tits, but they only looked like double D's, being how big she is. So this is Rudy's big debut. Next stop, look for her in some Professional Wrestling outfit, or become the ruler of some native female tribe of warriors. So yeah, Boot & Red took it to her in style. She was initiated into the Ghetto Gagger gaggle of Hoes. Covered in the ceremonial goo... UngaBunga Biatch!

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Rudy Riding a Cock on Ghetto Gaggers Rudy Gets Her Pussy Fucked

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